Big Tobacco back on TV with e-cigarette ads

California E-Cigarette Bill Would Restrict Use of Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

Related: The lucrative business of cigarette smuggling Blu eCigs posted net first-quarter sales of $57 million, up 46% from the last three months of 2012. Reynolds is in the process of expanding Vuse distribution, and Altria ( MO , Fortune 500 ) — formerly known as Philip Morris — plans to release an e-cigarette product later this year. Overall, e-cigarette sales could exceed $1 billion this year, blu eCigs vice president of marketing Matt Coapman said, citing industry analysts.
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Thoughthe bill, Senate Bill 648 ,was approved by the Senate in May as a bill against tobacco e-cigarettes, it would adversely impact use of vaporizers by medical marijuana patents. Current state law defines e-cigarettes as device[s] that can provide an inhalable dose of nicotine by delivering a vaporized solution. This includes a wide range of vaporization devices now widely used for medical marijuana and other herbs, as well as tobacco and nicotine. California NORML is urging the Assembly to reject SB 648on the grounds that vaporizers offer a proven, beneficial harm reduction substitute for medical marijuana users by reducing exposure to harmful smoke toxins while at the same time posing no second-hand smoke hazard to the public. Vaporizers are designed to eliminate the respiratory hazards of smoking by eliminating the combustion that produces the smoke. Regular pipes and cigarettes produce carcinogenic tars, particulates and other smoke toxins that are a byproduct of burning leaves. Vaporizers dont produce these toxins because they dont burn anything, but rather evaporate an underlying solution or preparation of nicotine, cannabis, etc.
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