With e-cigarettes, where vapors rise, so does debate


Still, many experts say more research needs to be done before e-cigarettes are labeled a poison or a better way to quit smoking, and they agree that the products are just too new for their long-term effects to be known. In the meantime, the e-cigarette business continues to boom. “Regulation will dampen it (business) a little,” said Mark Rivers, who owns the new Vapor City store that opened June 22 in Arden Arcade. “But I really don’t think people are gonna stop, because so many people dig it.” Call The Bee’s Jack Newsham, (916) 321-1100. Follow him in Twitter @TheNewsHam .
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E-cigarettes: the new fracking

They are getting in the game before the Food and Drug Administration can regulate them and while the medical community is divided between doctors who believe e-cigarettes should be part of harm reduction strategies to curb tobacco smoking and those who feel that no new type of smoking of any kind should be encouraged. The FDA initially tried to take the latter approach but was told by a federal judge in 2010 that it cannot ban the importation of e-cigarettes made in China. The judge suggested they be regulated like tobacco cigarettes. Indeed, Boston and other cities and some states are treating them like cigarettes, banning sales to minors and prohibiting them in workplaces. The FDA is still working on regulations but warns on its website that e-cigarette safety has not been studied and that it is unknown whether the high-tech smoke lures young people to tobacco. That is the dance we are really talking about.
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Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

UCLA has already taken that step, outlawing e-cigarettes on April 22, the same day it shut out their smoky cousins. The laws would prevent vapers like 30-year-old Alexis, a Vapor Spot customer who did not want to share her last name because her family doesn’t know she ever smoked, from inhaling in her acting classes. For now, she can vape with no problem, though she used to have to walk outside to smoke. “I love it,” she says. “It doesn’t make me cough or smell.” Vapor Spot bartender Chris Rogers says most customers come in to quit smoking.
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Smokers can puff pie, cheesecake and more from Henderson Vapor


Sanford is still in the process of transforming the shop into a Vapor cafe. The shop is operational, but he wants it to become a video game and Internet cafe with musicians and artists. We dont want to sell alcohol because we dont want to run off young kids, he said. In the meantime, people 18 or older can buy various supplies from assorted flavors to new devices. We havent done any advertising, but we keep getting tons of people coming in, he said. People get excited when they find an alternative to smoking.
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